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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy,

Hypnotherapy & Aromatherapy


Relax Your Body, Clear Your Mind and Renew Your Spirit

Treat yourself to a delicious healing journey through a series of long holds in restorative poses supported with props to rejuvenate the spine by moving it gently in all directions. Once you're settled in, Roey leads you through a guided meditation that turns off the stress response and moves you into the Parasympathetic Nervous System. This inspires the release of anxiety, tension, fatigue and residues of stress hormones. Aromatherapy & Singing Crystal Bowls will deepen your journey into relaxation & bliss.

Monthly, $45 Drop-In

Public Yoga Classes With Roey

Level 1 Yoga with mediation. 


Amagansett, NY

Wednesdays:  11:30-12:30

Clearwater Beach, East Hampton Community Yoga/Meditation Classes

Slow flow with alignment principles & modifications. Open to all levels.

Residents & Guests Only, By Donation

Tuesdays Sunset with Singing Bowls 7:00-8:00pm

Fridays 10:00-11:15am

Phoenix Rising
Yoga Therapy

Our bodies and minds are deeply intertwined. PRYT helps you decrease tension in your mind and body through a combination of classical yoga and contemporary psychotherapy. PRYT is a private one-on-one session given in an atmosphere of warmth, safety and acceptance. This form of “Therapy on the Mat” combines assisted yoga postures, based on client need, breath awareness & non-directive dialogue, based on the work of Carl Rodger’s in which the therapist acts as a sounding board. The sessions focus on helping one bring awareness to the source of negative emotions, fears & anxieties held in the body in specific areas where discomfort, tightness & tension may be held to allow body wisdom to bring light to the source of unconscious issues as they rise to the surface.  PRYT works to release negative emotions that have a corresponding negative physical component, enhance body awareness & flexibility, release tension causing aches & pains in the body to create greater fluidity.

"We can meet ourselves right where we are."

-Richard Miller

Private Home Studio

EMail to Schedule

Free & Fearless Healing
Yoga Retreats

This is your personal invitation to come away with me, 2023 for an epic time in the San Juan Del Sur area of Southern Nicaragua at the Beautiful Verdad Boutique Resort 12 miles from Costa Rica. Nestled in a hillside with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Owned & designed by an Amagansett Resident who decided to relocate 14 years ago to this amazing location surrounded by nature. He purchased land & created a sanctuary where one can completely immerse in all the beauty & nature & release stress & anxiety that life can bring. It’s a perfect place for my Wellness Retreat which I designed not only to enhance your yoga/meditation practice, regardless of the level you are but to also bring in the experience of spontaneous adventure which helps to lift mood & allow deeper connection to self & others. We all need to tap into our true blissful nature of “Lila” Sanskrit for Divine Play.  We all need  connection, love & play!

“ I am truly grateful for Roey's classes.  She is caring, down to earth & generous with her knowledge on & off the mat. I appreciate her skilled alignment & modifications cues & the importance of using props to create more ease to fully experience the joy of the practice. Her classes are not about getting into the perfect pose but understanding the holistic dimensions & deeper meaning of yoga. Roey is gifted in teaching with compassion & kindness. Her classes are full of joy, laughter & great music. All the while increasing my knowledge & appreciation for the true reason I practice yoga.."

Laura W, dedicated yoga practitioner,  East Hampton, NY

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