Be like WATER.

Float in times of pain or dance

like waves along the surface.


photo by: Juan Antonio Arsuag

NY State Licensed Psychotherapist, 

Certified Yoga Meditation Instructor

 CHT:  Hypnotherapist 

• Somatic Experience Trauma Practitioner

•  Internal Family Systems

•  Imago Theory

•  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

•  Certified Aromatherapist

•  Reiki & Sound Healing


      Also Available:

• Public Yoga Classes 

•  Private semi-private by appointment

•  Yoga Retreats/Stand Up Paddleboard Excursions also offering SUP Yoga

Integrated Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment is a method of healing that considers the whole person....physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. It is a blend of elements from different approaches individualized to best fit each clients needs. This approach is grounded in exploring all of the above approaches including a clients history, presenting problem, coping skills as well as defense mechanisms or ways that were used to protect themselves from pain, fear & other difficult emotions that are no longer needed. Roey's 30 years of experience & training has provided her with a toolbox of techniques which are selectively applied from a variety of approaches as listed above in order to individualize treatment.  A very important part of the process is to form a strong therapeutic relationship based on trust & non-judgment. Roey's nurturing, compassionate, intuitive nature provides a haven of safety for her clients in order for healing to begin. Another important aspect of to explore are old negative irrational conclusions one may have formed in their past. A negative unconscious conclusion can lead to negative behavior patterns. Replacing a negative conclusion with a positive one is imperative and can be done with hypnotherapy. An additional treatment modality listed above is Somatic Experience or SE.  This work helps to relieve a range of issues including depression, anxiety & PTSD.  Relief from symptoms of trauma are explored in a somatic way without going deep into the original trauma. Weaving Somatic, Hypnotherapy, Imago & Internal family system therapies treatment can stimulate the healing process to foster empowerment, self-love & healing to all areas of one's life.

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