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About Me

Many years ago I had a powerfully vivid past life experience in a session with a Shamanic Healer.  I wasn't sure if I believed in its validity but it proved to be an interesting way to explore the threads of my life experience so far..past & present.  As I look back it gave me validation of who I am today and my purpose for being here. I have spent years seeking personal healing & learning in order to become more effective in my life and my work. Resolving my own past trauma and woundedness was necessary in order to walk my clients through their own woundedness so they could feel our resonance in order to feel safe, protected & supported with empathy and understanding.


My personal journey of emotional healing taught me the importance of diving deep into the unconscious in order to heal ones emotional wounds from the past which can morph and grow and commonly manifest into anxiety, depression lack of self-worth, addiction, lack of motivation fears, phobias, intimacy issues, obsessiveness or over controlling behavior.  All this can accumulate into a state in our body and cause dis-ease.  The good news is once past emotional wounds are healed we can set ourselves free.  My own healing journey which included yoga/meditation as well as experiencing & learning many therapeutic techniques to allow unconscious wounds to surface be explored and healed opened me up to my conscious aware empowered true nature unencumbered by the damage of the past. This is my hope  & goal for my clients.  To find that part of themselves and be set free like a bird taking flight.  


My passion for yoga/meditation with all the physical, emotional & spiritual healing benefits  The blockages I felt physically were a manifestation of unconscious  wounds which needed to be explored & opened to in order to find self-compassion, forgiveness & empowerment which opened the door to my unconscious.  My thirst for more led me onto a journey of learning & healing with many powerful experiences and understandings that took me deep into a place that became life changing & transforming. Combining all the teachings & clinical learning over many decades has been an incredible journey. It has helped me to be in resonance with clients to assist them in finding a way out of their struggles, negative patterns, perceptions, unconscious conclusions & old irrational stories. Being a witness to ones healing process as they emerge from the murky depths of pain and stagnation into feelings of self love, empowered & confidence is an amazing gift. The blessings that come from this work feel like a sacred gift given to me by the Universe. My past life experience whether real or not motivated my own healing path & validated my purpose in this life & the next.

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