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Be like WATER.

Float in times of pain or dance

like waves along the surface.


photo by: Juan Antonio Arsuag

NY State Licensed Psychotherapist, 

Certified Yoga Meditation Instructor

 CHT:  Hypnotherapist 

• Somatic Experience Trauma Practitioner

•  Internal Family Systems & Voice Dialogue 

•  Imago Theory

•  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

•  Certified Aromatherapist

•  Reiki & Sound Healing


      Also Available:

• Public Yoga Classes 

•  Private semi-private by appointment

•  Yoga Retreats/Stand Up Paddleboard Excursions 

Integrated Holistic Treatment

     Holistic treatment is a method of healing that considers the whole person....physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. It utilizes a blend of different systems individualized to best fit each clients need based on thier history, presenting problem & coping skills. It is important for all of us to become fully awake & conscious of our defense mechanisms, which basically are brilliant protectors we all develop to shield our wounded vulnerable selves until our present aware self can become more empowered.

PTSD from trauma, pain, fear & difficult emotions make it difficult to live up to our full potential. Many years of my own personal healing journey combined with years of ongoing clinical training has provided me with many skills & insights. My toolbox of techniques from a variety of approaches all listed above can help motivated clients find a way to dive deep within to shift patterns & make better life choices.

     A very important part of the healing process is to form a strong therapeutic relationship based on trust & compassion in order to establish resonance along with a safe haven of trust & understanding which facilitates the healing process.

     In addition an important aspect to be explored are old negative irrational conclusions one may have formed in their past leading to negative unconscious behavior patterns. Replacing a negative conclusion with a positive one is imperative in order to shift ones patterns and can be done with  hypnotherapy.

     Another treatment modality listed above is Somatic Experience or SE.  This work helps to relieve symptoms of PTSD.  I have found that the process of weaving together different techniques can facilitate the work by fostering empowerment, consciousness & self-love.

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